Ep. 133: Financial Failures and Lost Generations

2023 was quite a year for wine, and it only felt right to recap some of the year’s biggest stories in Ep. 133. From financial failures (plural!) to lost generations, the wine news cycle just kept turning. If you aren’t up for rehashing the ups and downs, at least stick around to hear about a movie once titled The Most Wine-derful Time of the Year.

We should note that we were going to call this a year-end news roundup, but we’ve decided to phase that out…
Get it? It’s a glyphosate joke. 

A few of these stories seem like they happened a decade ago. That’s just how long 2023 truly was…

We didn’t have time for all of the year’s biggest wine stories, so tell us, dear listener: what do you think were the biggest wine stories of 2023? Reach out via Instagram or Facebook to let us know how! 

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