Ep. 134: Wine: It Does a Body Good

“No level of alcohol consumption is safe for our health.” Those words were published by the World Health Organization almost exactly a year ago, and the wine world was not happy. But was that declaration accurate? In Ep. 134, Martín Reyes, MW is back, and we look at conflicting research, scientific bias, and the centenarians who swear by their daily glass of wine.

Inspired by the people of Ikaria, Greece, and spurred on by the writings of Felicity Carter and Dr. Jamie Goode, Katherine and Martín try to put new health warnings into context:

  • Centenarians in so-called Blue Zones may contradict the W.H.O.’s claims. 
  • Wine should be understood in societal and cultural contexts. 
  • There are arguments on both sides of the health debate. 

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