Ep. 159: (Chilled) Red Wine Supernova

Look, we want you to listen to podcasts. Specifically OUR podcast. That said, it’s important that we all agree on the (wine) song of the summer, so we dedicate some time to figuring that out on Ep. 159

While we’re all ears over here in podcast land, you’ll find that we’re also big fans of olfactory stimulation. This week we’ll tell you why. And get your tastebuds ready, because we’ve got wine from the famed 24 A.D. vintage! Tune in to find out just how delicious it is…

What peaked our interest this week?

  • Bordeaux bets big on Virginia wine.
  • Very old vino is found near Sevilla.
  • Wineries dodge a wildfire bullet.
  • Olfactory stimulation is the newest health craze.

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Happy listening!