Ep. 153: Tomato Wine and the Sideways Guy

Ep. 153 is a bit like your first semester of college: There’s a dash of science, a bit of politics, a stab at Econ 101, and some dude who wrote a lot of books pontificates.

Plus, tune in to hear Nick introduce Katherine to some new slang and Katherine introduce the world to her ASMR voice!

We are without Ruby this week, but we managed to make the best of it…

  • Low spirits in Wine & Spirits as the world loses another fine wine publication.
  • Pernod Ricard is getting out of Down Under.
  • Tomato wine is…wait…tomato wine?
  • Wine isn’t a democracy, according to the Sideways guy. 

We’ve heard of blueberry wine, cherry wine, and even rhubarb wine, but tomato wine? That’s a new one for us. Have you ever made your own non-grape wine? How did it turn out? Reach out via Instagram or Facebook to let us know. 

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Happy listening!