Ep. 144: Sheep and Cheese and Registries

Let’s do a little role-playing: You’re an EU diplomat, and you get an email invite to a wine tasting at the Indian residence. Do you click that link (we would)? If you want to hear what happens next, tune in to Ep. 144

We also bring you stories of vino’s BFFL, wine in wartime, new opportunities for retailers, and controversial livestock. We even have a skit and at least two puns! Our writing team was working overtime this week…

Ep. 144’s recording session was rife with technical issues, but we managed to bring you the following news…

We want your input! Greenwashing abounds in the business world. Are vineyard sheep the newest form of this misleading marketing tactic, or are they as wonderful as they seem? Reach out via Instagram or Facebook to let us know. 

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