Ep. 141: Zillennial Zeitgeist, Secretive Subpoenas & Sub-Zero Temps

We were so sure that “subpoena” was going to be the official word of 2023, but it looks like it may take the top spot in 2024 thanks in part to Napa county. Speaking of bucolic parts of the globe, Rioja is getting a cozy new classification that may help with some of their woes. We’ve got more for you in Ep. 141, but you’ll have to tune in to hear all about it! 

The real news is that

there’s a robot sommelier out there asking for tips, but here’s some other news…

It’s your turn to talk to us, dear listeners. Places like Abruzzo and The Okanagan have lost nearly all of their crop due to extreme weather. What can winegrowers do about weather extremes? Reach out via Instagram or Facebook to let us know. 

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