Ep. 130: Grapes, Water, the Death Star…

This week we welcome back our secret ingredient: Martín Reyes, MW (high-fructose corny jokes, artificial color commentary). New wine labeling requirements are looming in the EU, and more countries are pushing for wineries to list ingredients and health warnings on bottles. On Ep. 130, Martín and Katherine weigh the implications of giving consumers more information to consider. 

Ingredient lists and health warnings may seem straight-forward, but there’s a bit more to digest than you think. Katherine and Martín consider:

  • Do consumers actually want this information, and do wineries want to provide it?
  • What ingredients or health risks would be relevant?
  • Why might wineries be for or against new labeling requirements?
  • What logistical issues arise when you introduce new labeling requirements?

Now we pass it off to you, dear listener: Do you want wine labels to tell you more about a wine’s ingredients and health risks? What information do you want? Reach out via Instagram or Facebook to let us know how you feel. 

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