Ep. 155: Weed > Wine?

It’s a bottle! It’s a cardboard box! It’s…a cardboard bottle? That’s right, folks, the cool kids are drinking from molded fiber these days. And, if the Re-Judgment of Paris (aka London) is any indication, it’ll be French wine in those paper flasks.If any of this is confusing you, check out Ep. 155 of The Four Top. We’ve got all the answers.We also took some time to test how many euphemisms for marijuana we could come up with on the spot. One we forgot? Kind kush. Darn it!

It’s all drugs and alcohol this week, folks…

  • The results are in from the re-judgment of Paris.
  • Weed wins over wine on days that end in Y.
  • Paper beats rock—sort of—in the spirits world.
  • It’s time for the buyout rundown of spring 2024.

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