Hungry for Wine: Seeing the World Through the Lens of a Wine Glass by Cathy Huyghe

Get ready to find some things you never expected to find in a book about wine. Things like regrets, migrant labor, war, financial crises, and post-apartheid economics. Things, too, like following a calling, and doing something even though it makes no sense, and creating the life you imagine for yourself. For the people you’ll meet in these twelve chapters, wine does so much more than quench thirst. Wine is how they express themselves to the world. It’s how they put food on the table for their families. It’s how they carve their niche. Sometimes it’s even their tool to fight repression and discrimination. Hungry for Wine is also a memoir about how the author went from simply liking the taste of wine, to tasting it every day, to writing about it 365 days a year, to traveling the world in search of the people and the stories in this book. Some people see the world in a grain of sand. Now you can see it in a glass of wine. This book will change the way you look at wine. Forever.