Good Food, Great Medicine by Mea Hassell and Miles Hassell

This completely revised and updated 4th edition is written by a brother-sister physician-food writer team with a passion for food as medicine. The 300 easy-to-read pages present powerful medical evidence to support adopting a whole food Mediterranean-style diet, and include over 200 simple-to-follow recipes with everyday ingredients. This is a practical resource for anyone looking for an evidence-based approach to eating well without sacrificing eating enjoyment. The 14-step Risk Reduction Action Plan helps: 1. prevent heart disease and stroke 2. reverse type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance, prediabetes, and gestational diabetes 3. improve cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar with fewer drugs 4. lose weight . . . and keep it off 5. reduce dementia and cancer risk with better cancer treatment outcomes. — This new edition expands its focus to include Mediterranean benefits for conditions such as inflammation, immunity, depression, anxiety, heartburn (GERD), osteoporosis, ADHD, and healthier children – each with a lifestyle prescription. The Hassells also offer sensible strategies for aging well, finding more energy, and getting better sleep, as well as tips for planning meals and feeding children. Use this book to cut through the confusion over often conflicting health advice. Good Food, Great Medicine presents a compelling summary of medical studies showing what works to improve health, and equips readers to evaluate study data for themselves. This book also explores diet controversies surrounding fat, red meat, salt, grains, dairy, and other traditional foods eaten throughout recorded history.